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7Nov - by hmsnicolas - 2 - In Student Blogging Challenge

Hi, this is hmsnicolas,

What I would like to talk about is to bring back food. I want to bring back sloppy Joe first because its the hardest one but can be easy. I just need to show why people liked it in the first place. Then, after that, I want to bring back hot dogs because trust me its the easiest one. All I need to do is just tell people how good it is and how it will be better than a chili dog. Last I want salad bar because if you want it for home lunch you can get it.


Aloha Poke salad and chopsticksCreative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight

2 thoughts on “Bring back food”

  1. hmsnicolas,

    I know you want those foods back. I have a question I want to ask, and the question is ” What would you work to get these foods back?” Like I would clean the cafeteria and every time you get the food and saying, “Thank you for the food!”


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